What Really Happened to Schroedinger’s Cat?

What nobody outside the box, particularly Schrodinger himself, could have anticipated is that something unexpected- totally outside the intentions of the experiment- was happening to the cat.
The radiation, far from killing him, had actually set him free. Of course Mittens (that was the cat’s name) had no conception of what was happening to him. All he knew was that one minute he was trapped in a box, and the next he was free. He also knew that he was hungry.

Cats are by nature resourceful animals, and Mittens was no different. He quickly found a family that was willing to give him a berth. Unfortunately the family perished shortly afterwards from radiation poisoning, which was something of an inconvenience. This was a pattern that would repeat itself with disconcerting regularity over the years. Thus it was that Mittens was destined to lead a somewhat transient lifestyle, which he found fitted his temperament like a glove.


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