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The symbols of majority fall behind
the changes in the nature of maturity.
So, securing a secured loan
is seen as a sign that you are grown,
In an age when letting is utterly logical.


Morning, all.

Wake up.
Resent waking up- check time to see if there’s any chance of sleeping a little more.
Get up. Get dressed. Put kettle on.
Talk to cat. Pet cat. Feed cat if necessary (cat always thinks it’s necessary).
Brush teeth.
Make tea.
Roll cigarette.
Drink tea. Smoke cigarette. Scan news without taking it in.
Feel terror. Horrible fucking awful tight chested panicky terror.
Sweat alcohol.
Go to the toilet. Wash hair.
Tell mirror that this is the absolute worst feeling lowest part of the week-
it can only get better from here.
Try to believe that.
Check eyes for bloodshottery.
Finish tea. Put kettle on again, if there’s time.
Take sandwich out of fridge or make a sandwich or fuck the damn sandwich.
Put coat on.
Turn radio on. Insert headphones.
Say goodbye.

Holy War




Buddah bitter better batter


Employee Blues Haiku

Micro manager-

Stop micro managing us.

Go do your own work.

My Cat Is In Heat

My cat is in heat.


The whole place reeks and I haven’t a wink for weeks.

She’s not my furry friend right now; she’s just a seedy creep.

Oh Christ! Where’d she go this time?

Shagging my shoes probably, or screaming off the balcony.

Quick! Close that door- she’s headed for the laundry!

She won’t shut up! Is there any more wine?

Maybe we could make some sort of gag from a ball of twine?

Damn! She tried to wake me up by pissing on my head.

If I weren’t such a pussy, little Bastet would be dead.

My cat is in heat, but then it’s through no fault of hers.

If she were her she’d rather hop up here and have a purr.

When will this be over? Where the hell’s my pet?

Indoor cat or not, she’s going out to meet the V.E.T.